What is fair?

What is OK? Towards you? Towards me? Towards earthworms? Honeybees, hooligans and redwood trees? Towards mountains, rivers and forests?

Photo of Ege Arp-Hansen

Towards the employed and unemployed? The overworked and underpaid? Towards the east? The west? North and south?

What is considered fair in one culture, might be deeply unfair in another. What is looked upon as fair during one period of time, might be deeply unacceptable at a later date. And the other way around.

Fairness is a floating concept, always changing, always finding a new balance. Not static, always living and in motion.

I look upon life as a fantastic and horrific marvel, but one that I most certainly wouldn’t be without.

But we are out of balance.

How do we regain equilibrium?

That is our monumental challenge at this particular moment in time and space!

As for me the solution includes consideration and love for humankind, animals and plants, caring for the land we farm and live off, nursing a fundamental respect for Earth, Mother Earth, Our Blue Planet, which for millions of years has given birth to our ancestors and the health of which we are totally dependendant upon.

In this mood of hope and idealism, but at the same time utterly concrete and down-to-earth matter-of-factness, my work unfolds in different ways.

It’s all about a fair future – for peolpe, animals, plants, soil and Earth.


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